Vietnamese bread: From a popular dish to the world

The original recipe of bread was flour mixed with water and yeast, then shaped into many different shapes to attract diners. Until now, the origin and time of bread appearing in the world has not been determined, but there are documents that say bread dates back to 10 thousand years, in the Neolithic era when agriculture there are many transformations. In particular, at this time, people knew how to grow wheat and use it to make bread.

There are also other documents that record the appearance of bread more than 30,000 years ago or in ancient Egypt. Until the early years AD, the Romans brought bread to France and from the 11th century onwards, this cake gradually became the main food in this country.

Types of bread in Vietnam
The most interesting point in Vietnamese cuisine is going along the three regions of the country, where there are bread, but each region has different types depending on the filling inside:

Meatloaf: The most popular in Saigon, the filling includes meat, butter, rolls, pate, cold meat, cilantro, pickles and chili.
Banh mi shumai: Siu mai is actually pork with tomato sauce, a bit sweet in Saigon, while in Da Lat, shumai bread has a spicy taste.
Banh Mi: Bread is sandwiched with shredded pork or pork skin, with a little fish sauce on top, simple but very tasty.
Cotton bread: Hearing the name means knowing the main ingredient to make this type of bread is definitely rubbing cotton. Usually the seller will spray a little soy sauce on the cake to add more flavor.
Sardine bread: Sardines in tomato sauce are delicious when eaten with bread. If you have tasted it once, you will definitely remember the delicious taste of this sardines bread.

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